Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics are the five key fields of study to help us build a better future. We now offers courses catered to the builders and leaders of our next generation to help them think and understand how STEAM  will enable them to leave a mark on this world.


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Coding, Robotics, Maths and Physics are great to learn on their own, but that is not how it works in the real world! Here at Cordoba Institute, we are industry experts in the field of programming and education; with years of experience in teaching we understand how children learn and with our experience in the field building products and applications, we understand how to apply the knowledge into the real world.

Certified Courses

We are not just offering a verbal guarantee that our brilliantly structured course will get your child ready for anything out there, we make sure they are certified.

30 Years Of Experience

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Experienced Educators

Our educators are experienced in building real world products, understanding the requirements to make sure the ideas can go from a sketchbook to the space station.

We Offer

S.T.E.A.M Based Coding Courses

The first employees at the famous Pixar studios were all Engineers and Computer programmers. It seems strange to think that an animated movies involved engineers to make, while their target audience are only kids. This example shows us why understanding coding and logical thinking is the first step to making anything in the world we live in now and the world to come. From sending a rocket to the moon to making a fish swim across the ocean to find nemo engineering and coding is the key. Cordoba Institute now offers multiple coding courses for different age groups at an affordable price.

What you learn?

Introduction to Coding

Age: 9-13

Tools: Robotics, Blockly, LEGO
Timeline: 3 Months
Outcome: Logical reasoning, Engineering basics

Age: 13-18

Tools: C#, Games Development, Programming, Unity 3D
Timeline: 3 Months
Outcome: Logical reasoning, Creative approach to problem solving, Visualizing physics and mathematics

Have any questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions that didn't get answered on this page, just call or email us at info@cordobainstitute.com.

How does S.T.E.A.M work?

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. STEAM is an approach to learning using these fields of studies as an access point for guiding student inquiry, dialogue and critical thinking.

Why should I choose S.T.E.A.M?

Our world is a beautiful, complex, and intricate tapestry of learning all in its own right. Why do we believe that we have the ability or the right to box it in behind brick walls and classroom doors in a place called school? Integrating concepts, topics, standards and assessments is a powerful way to disrupt the typical course of events for our students and to help change the merry-go-round of “school.” It takes what we do when we open the doors to the real world and places those same practices in our cycles of teaching and learning. So we can finally remove the brick walls and classroom doors to get at the heart of learning.

What is the difference between STEAM and STEM?

The main difference between STEM and STEAM is STEM explicitly focuses on scientific concepts. STEAM investigates the same concepts, but does this through inquiry and problem-based learning methods used in the creative process.

What if I am older than the mentioned age group?

The age groups mentioned are only a guide, if you are outside the age group mentioned we can have a detailed discussion to see where and how we can accommodate you.

Can I take this course from home?

There will be materials provided from class which can be used for revising what was taught in class at home, however, children are required to be in class to be able to complete the course. We are helping to build skills that every engineer and builder and designer require which is to work together in a team and be able to share ideas and opinions with their peers. Studies have shown that team study for children is the best way for them to learn new topics more effectively.

What makes this course different from others?

This course aims to take an approach to education, differently than learning a topic from inside a class room at school. We will be learning to apply the physics and mathematical concepts that were taught in traditional classrooms into more applicable avenues, helping children see how these properties behave. We believe that Physics and Mathematics cannot be understood without a certain amount of creative imagination.

Do I get a certificate on completion of the course?

Yes, however, successful completion requires students meet the minimum requirements of attendance and grading which will include a final project submission.

Can I cancel my course at anytime?

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your STEAM course at Cordoba Institute after attending your first session you can request for a cancellation.

Do I need to bring anything with me for these classes?

Everyone attending these classes would be required to bring along a laptop. The 13-16 year olds who will be doing games development would be required to bring an external mouse along with their laptop.

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