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Online Courses

Online Courses ?

In online schooling students can take classes that can be completed in any setting or environment. Students can establish schedules that allow them to spend as much time as they need to complete their lessons

There are numerous reasons why students or their parents may consider online schooling.


Whatever the student’s unique situation, learning abilities, or extracurricular activities might be, online schooling affords students of all backgrounds to succeed academically.

In a home-school environment students may need additional learning support or may face a challenge if parents cannot serve as learning coaches due to work or other commitments.

For students facing uncomfortable or challenging learning environments in traditional settings, online schooling is an alternative that allows the student to focus on learning.

Advanced learners may need highly customized and accelerated curriculum that challenges them.

For students with disabilities or chronic medical issues, online schooling opens the door to a flexible learning experience, one that can be customized around the learner’s  needs.

CORDOBA is offering this flexibility to learners to either attend the class sessions at the center or attend the same sessions online at a convenient place and time.