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Math Tutoring

Math Tutoring

Looking for a math private tutor in Dubai? Regardless of the level of math tuitions you require, here at Cordoba we can offer a friendly and flexible approach to math tutoring that will build confidence in the subject and lead to higher grades.

h3>Our math private tutors offer a full range of math tuitions to meet your individual needs. Your child may have proficiency in certain areas, but require help elsewhere.

We will create a tailor-made timetable for your child to follow that runs alongside their school syllabus, and complements the teaching there. The benefit of home tutoring in maths, is that our private maths tutor can review and revise material as often as is necessary, in order to ensure that your child has full understanding of the key concepts and ideas. Practice makes perfect, so we have an excellent range of resources, worksheets and past papers, that our private math tutors will draw from.

Regardless of the math tutoring you require, whether that's IB HL, IB SL, C1, C2, C3, C4, Further Math, statistics or accounts, we can devise a programme that will enable success. We have private tutors available across Dubai, for personal and private tuition in your own home

Math Tutoring

English Tutoring

In a world where the global language of business is English, it pays to write and speak English well, no matter which career you choose to pursue. That's why we place so much importance on the various English tuitions packages we offer.


Business & Economics Tutoring

In subjects such as business and economics, it is highly likely that your child can grasp some concepts more quickly than others. With an individualised service provided by our business and economics private tutors in Dubai, home tutoring in these subjects becomes a pleasure.


Physics Tutoring

Physics can be a challenging subject, but physics tutoring from Cordoba can be a very effective way to revise or review difficult material, in preparation for tests and exams. We have a physics private tutor available in Dubai to meet your child's needs.

Chemistry Tutoring

Those in need of chemistry tutoring will be interested in finding out more about the chemistry private tutors available in Dubai. Here at Cordoba we understand that chemistry is a complex subject and many children struggle with certain areas. We offer tailor-made tutoring packages, complementing the school syllabus, that enable students to stay on top of the subject and perform well in exams.


Biology Tutoring

Biology is a far ranging and difficult discipline, covering everything from anatomy and physiology to genetics. It may well be that your child is proficient in many areas of biology, but lacking in a few, or perhaps they need extra time to grasp key concepts. If this is the case, a biology private tutor in Dubai will enable your child to grow academically and achieve success.