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Complete High School Privately

The beauty of private study, through home schooling in Dubai, is that it enables you to complete your school education outside school. The examinations are exactly the same as those you would take if you were in school, so the qualification you receive will not differ at all, regardless of the route you choose to take.


Privately taken high school courses tend to concentrate the coursework of a traditional two-year course into a shorter period of time, usually 6 to 12 months. The courses are taught at an accelerated pace during this time frame by private tutors. The material is the same as can be found in regular school, but the pace of teaching can be varied to suit each individual student. This format is very convenient for students who wish to complete their programme at their own pace.

You may choose to fast track your qualifications because:

Complete High School Privately

SAT Prep Course

SAT I and SAT II (subject) prep courses are designed to maximize scores on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). Our private tutors use the most effective materials and resources available, and guide each student individually, helping them to build their own learning strategies. The overarching aim is to improve both accuracy and speed in the tests, thereby amplifying results.



IELTS is the International English Language Testing System which tests English proficiency across the globe. The tests are conducted up to four times a month. You can choose from two types of IELTS tests: academic or general training.



The Test of English as a Foreign Language or TOEFL, evaluates the ability of an individual to use and understand English in an academic setting. It has become an admission requirement for non-native English speakers at many English-speaking colleges and universities. Colleges and universities usually consider only the most recent TOEFL score.