Technology will probably change more in the next 10 years that it has in the last 50. Is your child ready?

Our comprehensive program is catered to help the creators and leaders of the next generation take on this challenge. With a focus on turning kids from "consumers of technology" to "creating with it" we help children ages 10 - 16 learn one of the most valuable skills, in an engaging and friendly setting.


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We look forward to welcoming your child to our in-class sessions. They will be part of a comprehensive coding program that will help them strengthen their creativity, logical reasoning and problem solving skills and enhance their understanding of Physics and Math concepts.

What you learn?

Our Programme

Python, Blockly, LEGO, Robotics

Age: 10 - 13 years
Price: AED 1900/Term

C#, Unity 3D, Game Development

Age: 13 - 16 years
Price: AED 1900/Term

Coding for Kids

Why Learn To Code

With the rate of innovation and the growing connectedness of our devices, houses and workplaces, it is logical to leverage children's ability to learn faster and better when they are younger. Not just coding in and of itself, but also critical thinking – ‘procedural literacy’, which is the ability to understand and think through processes in the world.

Create with Technology

Children today start consuming technology from a very early age. But engaging with devices doesn't have to be a passive exercise. We aim to turn kids from consuming with technology to creating with technology and empower them to be adventurous and imaginative. Nudging them to become creators.

Improved Problem Solving

Learning coding helps children to develop critical thinking skills and problem solving processes that are not only important in computer science, but also in life. It teaches them how to look at the bigger picture, and to break down big challenges into smaller ones and make logical connections which will help them learn how to properly analyse different situations.

Better Academic Performance

Learning to code will have a positive impact on academic performance by helping children to visualise abstract Math and Physics concepts. Learning through experimentation strengthens cognitive ability, allowing kids to embrace their creativity and boosts confidence even with non coding related tasks.

Have any questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions that didn't get answered on this page, just call or email us at

Can I take this course from home?

There will be materials provided from class which can be used for revising what was taught in class at home, however, children are required to be in class to be able to complete the course. We are helping to build skills that every engineer and builder and designer require which is to work together in a team and be able to share ideas and opinions with their peers. Studies have shown that team study for children is the best way for them to learn new topics more effectively.

What if I am older than the mentioned age group?

The age groups mentioned are only a guide, if you are outside the age group mentioned we can have a detailed discussion to see where and how we can accommodate you.

What makes this course different from others?

This course aims to take an approach to education, differently than learning a topic from inside a class room at school. We will be learning to apply the physics and mathematical concepts that were taught in traditional classrooms into more applicable avenues, helping children see how these properties behave. We believe that Physics and Mathematics cannot be understood without a certain amount of creative imagination.

Can I cancel my course at anytime?

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your coding course at Cordoba Institute you can request for your money back within 14 days.

Do I need to bring anything with me for these classes?

Everyone attending these classes would be required to bring along a laptop. The 13-16 year olds who will be doing games development would be required to bring an external mouse along with their laptop.

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