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Supplementary tutorial classes for school and post secondary higher education students.

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Providing knowledge-based coaching integrated with extra emphasis on exam preparations is our forte.


There is a Tibetan Proverb that says, 'A child without education, is like a bird without wings.' In the UAE in the twenty-first century, a world class education is one of the most important gifts we can bestow on our children if we want them to have a secure and rewarding future. Here at Cordoba in Dubai, we recognise the individuality of every child's needs, and that's why we provide high quality home tuitions, tailor-made for every child.

Stay one step ahead of your child's peers, by investing in a private tutor. We can offer you a physics and maths tutor, a private tutor in English, Arabic and French, or a tutor in sciences. We can help your child prep for SATs, IELTS and academic exams, and most importantly we'll ensure lessons are engaging, accessible and fun. We want your child to grow in ability and confidence in a supportive and friendly environment.

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Special classes are held for students wishing to fast-track their IGCSE O-level or GCE A-level exams (to be taken) at British Council.

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Arabic classes - all levels

School curriculum - grade 1 to 13
Conversational - Beginners & Corporate level

French classes - all levels

School syllabus - grade 1 to 13
Conversational - Beginners & Professional level

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Classes are available for UK National Curricula such as GsCSE, IGCSE & GCE-A Level, American High School, International Baccalaureate and AP Syllabi & curricula.

Proficiently trained and highly qualified tutors make our classrooms interesting and engaging, thus motivating students to challenge their potential in pursuit of higher academic achievements.