We frequently hear students say “I know the answers orally but I can’t write them well”. “I do well in tests but not in the exams”. “I make silly mistakes when I write the answers, or after reading a little lengthy question the thought that comes to mind is “this is a difficult question I don’t understand it”.

Often, concepts not grasped well leads to learning difficulty and this will result in poor grades. Similarly insufficient review also leads to poor grades, lower self-esteem and confidence.

We provide total learning solutions to school students from grades 7 to 13

We identify, guide and remedy our student’s shortcomings to make them more confident and ready to obtain higher grades.

We help complete the syllabus.

We provide worksheets and assignments to review topics.

Sufficient past paper practice is done to familiarize with examination writing techniques to maximize grades.

We tutor students to stay ahead in the topics to be discussed at school, this helps to enhance student’s confidence.

Tutoring is provided after school hours.

Time: 3:00pm to 7:00pm

Days: Saturday to Thursday


  • Yearly package minimum 9 months (24 hours/16hours/8hours in a month)
  • Monthly package (24 hours/16hours/8hours)
  • Hourly package

Number of subjects

  • 24 hours package maximum of any 3 subjects
  • 16 hours package maximum any 2 subjects
  • 8 hours package maximum any 2 subjects

One subject can be exchanged for another after one month of classes.


  • International Baccalaureate, MYP, IB higher and standard
  • Edexcel – AS, A, IGCSE, GCSE and grade 7 upwards
  • Cambridge – AS, A IGCSE and grade 7 upwards
  • SABIS – AP and grades 7 upwards
  • American – AP and grades 7 upwards
  • CBSE and ISC – grade 7 to grade 12


  • English language, English Literature, Arabic and French,
  • Math - IB HL, IB SL, C1, C2, C3, C4, Further Math, Mechanics, Statistics,Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Environment, Management, Business, Accounts, Economics and Sociology

Some of our students are from Dubai College, Chouiefet International School, English College, Jumeriah College, Emirates International College, Wellington International School, Dubai International Academy, Dubai American Academy, Winchester School, Dubai British School, Jumeriah English Speaking School, Repton School, Raffles, Greenfield Community School, Dubai Gems, Cambridge International School, St Mary’s School, Westminister International School, Dubai Scholars, Al Salam School, Dubai English Speaking College, Deira International School, Arab Unity School, Victoria English School, School of Science and Research, Al Mawakeb School,, Universal American School, English Language School.